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Tracking down the truants – a game of cat and mouse

The Daily Press, March 29, 2008 Police Officer Mark Wagner described the hunt for truants as a “cat and mouse game.” The latest figures on youngsters skipping school in Newport News suggest the cats are getting sharper claws or there … Continue reading

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Turning Back to the Dreaming Spires of Oxford

Looking back my time away in England feels like an unfathomable interlude or like a golden country only half remembered as viewed through a rain stained casement. In Shadowlands, the Oxford academic CS Lewis dreams of escape to the Golden … Continue reading

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When You are Tired of London

Brits in the USA blog, Sep. 3, 2011 London wasn’t a homecoming because it never felt like home. I grew up in the provinces and we looked at London is if it was some gigantic blood sucking spider which you … Continue reading

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Family plans “quiet celebration” of the lives of their children lost to a fire

  The Daily Press, Dec. 4, 2009 Tawana and Eric Burks and their children will have a quiet “celebration” today. They will go out to see a feel-good movie and decorate their Christmas tree. And they won’t take any sad … Continue reading

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Lights, Cameras, Cash

Daily Press, February 17, 2012 Cameras at the intersection of Oyster Point Road and Jefferson Avenue are catching red-light violators at a swift clip – and the money is adding up Almost 100,000 vehicles a day thunder across the busy … Continue reading

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Taking the Colors out of Gangs

The Daily Press, February 19. 2012 Bobby Kipper and Bud Ramey’s new book about America’s gang problem opens with their experiences of being under the lights of the South Morrison baseball field in Newport News where “the sound of gunshots … Continue reading

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